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   Our love to Bullmastiff began in the spring of 2004. Then we brought home a tiny red ball. That was our first bullmastiff girl named Feba. After knowing the description of breed we decided that we will not have a male, because we had a small child at home. We felt that the bitch will be smaller, nicer and safer.

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   We had a surprise, because it was quickly apparent that Febe is a very hard and dominant female. Besides she doesn't like children. I observed a young female trying to subordinate (even with teeth!) the entire family. This was easy for her, because she is extremely intelligent and she has a very strong personality.

foto   Unfortunately, she has started to look very unattractive. Lovely little puppy turned into a not that pretty bitch. Only through the extraordinary consistency in dealing with the dog and our common work we owe to the current results. Today we have at home over a four-year bitch, which practically read our thoughts and always executes the command. She knows her place in the hierarchy of our flock, and she is a real lady. Education swallowed up over the year of hard work. But it was worth it!

Even today Feba can surprise me her boundless understanding and faithfulness to our family. Feba with her "horned soul" and her stubborn nature taught us to respect, love and admire molos type of dogs. As a result of which 2 years ago we decided to have another Bullmastiff. We were confident that if we were able to raise such a hard piece as Feba was, we can also handle the education of the massive dog that breed.

foto We found him very far from here and were waiting very long for his arrival to our home. And in this way, a small golden "bear" Pursh lived with us in spring 2007. He was our great love at first sight. His nature was a totally surprising for us. In fact, he is surprising for us until today. Little Pursh grown up for the huge colossus with golden-colored fur and a golden heart.

Pursh is very patient and very nice for all members of our family. He never tried to dominate and he always trying to be very delicate when he is playing with our son. Great, charming, beautiful and healthy Pursh is complete contrast to the hard and mean Feba.

To this day I do not know the answer to the question - how it is possible that two dogs of the same breed can be so different? And which one is true Bullmastiff?

It is possible that Safira will help us to understand. Safira appeared in our house at the beginning of 2008. This is our third Bullmastiff. It;s possible that this is the most sweet Bullmastiff in the world. At present she is a puppy, but already you can see an outline of her character. She is vital, cheerful and very smart. In addition to this ahe is quick and decisive. She is brave too. And most importantly - She is 100% devoid of aggression. She achieves whatever she wants with her own charm (no teeth!).

And I begin to wonder what would be the fourth Bullmastiff?


Katarzyna Piesecka
28 sierpień 2008

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