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   Hello! My name is Katarzyna Piesecka and I would like to invite you to see my website about bullmastiffs. This incredible breed has not been well known in our country. What a pity! The dogs are amazing: not only beautiful but also very clever.

   When I observe Pursh I am impressed of its connection of power and gentleness. Bullmastiff is a very surprising dog. Good and gentle for its family and friends but fast, determined and inflexible if needed.

In my childhood the best novel I remember was "W pustyni i w puszczy" by H. Sienkiewicz. The main characters were guided by a dog, so called "giant of a mastiff breed named Saba ( "Lion" )Sienkiewicz described it as a "creature with a huge round head, hung lips, having strong paws and appearance similar to lion (bright yellow fur and powerful voice ). But we know its attitude to Stan and Nel. Such a clever, gentle and enormous dog has been a dream of my all life. After long time of waiting, Pursh appeared in my house. The dog that suits to the given description from the novel. He is not so big (only 66kg at the age of 16mths ) and he is still growing up.

Katarzyna Piesecka